Wednesday, March 21, 2012


SERENDIPITY is my favorite word.  Has been for a long time.  It means an unexpected, but pleasant and welcome surprise.

It generally comes when and where you least expect it.  Hence the unexpected surprise. :)

This morning, I was very tired.  On the way to work, I had to stop to get gas because I forgot to last night when I was supposed to of course.  So I was a bit grumpy as well.  But while standing there pumping gas into the car, I looked up and saw the face of a happy little boy on the video screen above the pump.  His name is Kyle, and the video showing explained he has a form of anemia and that he is desperately in need of a marrow donor match in order to live.  The ad then showed his parents asking for donors, and the website for more information ( 
All the way into work I thought about this.  In the past I thought about becoming a donor but for some reason I hadn't done it.  I went to the website to read more and link to more information.  I have heard that donating marrow is a very painful process, however, the website also dispells that myth and explains the entire process.  I took the time to register as a marrow donor today.  It took me about 10 minutes to do this, and they will even mail you a free kit to provide the sample needed to test and put you into the donor system. I kept picturing the face of that little boy and it just tears my heart to think how simple it is to become a donor and that it could save a life.   

Today, I found serendipity above a gas station pump.  A good deed, and it brought a great feeling to know I have registered and may be able to help save a life even.  And I implore each of you to please become a donor and to also share this information and encourage others to become donors too.  I have added Kyle to my prayer list and hope you will too.  Let's save some lives.


Traci S. said...

Dear Susan~

You are one of the most amazing, generous, God-following people I know. I will add yle to my list, as well as how you may be able to help someone.

Some how, I am not shocked to read this here. If it was on a different blog, I think I would have questioned the reality of it. I know your heart is pure, and wants to serve the Lord in any way, and do good deeds! You are an amazing woman!

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather

You May Receive 1-5 Cards!

Anonymous said...

Susan, what a broadcast to watch while filling the car with fuel on a busy rush rush God blest morning!
Keep Looking UP!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Fine reminder to us all for blessing your neighbor...not just next door! Happy Palm Sunday ya'll! Keep Looking UP!

Anonymous said...

Susan, what grand delights you have listed as suggestions or accomplishments Good Deeds List...have fun adding those unique wonderful special days from Cross Cards list at their email site list....peanut butter day the other day! Those individual packets offered on the open market are so fine for a treat or a gift of protein food to people on street corners...keep packets in the car to share at intersection 'request donations' cardboard signs. Generally keep an unopened bottle of water for person and the usual dog...not sure how dogs like peanut butter. Please make a notation near December 29 and January 1 to make blank Valentine cards for Michigan Children's Hospital - Detroit under the 'send in' of your name and CARDS4KIDS. A newsbroadcaster and mag editor here was treated well there as a youngster and now supports others and their children at the card cart all free to patients and their families. Volunteers distribute or push the cart to each room allowing children to choose one to five each occasion. Otherwise, the cart stays in the family lounge. Docs and meds were in on the Valentine sharing last year with tales of coattails waving in the hallways as whitecoated Valentine givers ran, yes ran, from room to room dropping off caring, funny, sentimental, silly, handmade cards to brighten days and weeks for assigned kids in treatment. What stories they told! Doubling the good deeds! Blessing by ten fold as each card is expected to be seen/ read by at least ten sets of eyes before the cards are scrapbooked or bindered for future review and uplift.
Susan, the National Dairy Association and some of the farmer veggie groups have special days in the year interesting to feature on your list, too. Just a note after musing through the miriad of ideas you have typed...thanks for all the reminders enclosed therein.
Keep Looking UP!

Jen A said...

Wow! I never knew it was that easy to be a marrow donor! Thanks for sharing your story...God is always working in and through us! He is amazing!