Thursday, December 20, 2012

Handmade with Love

There is something wonderful about crocheting a handmade gift this time of year.  The yarn is warm, soft and fuzzy, and the fun of creating something special for someone special, keeping it a secret, knowing it is a one-of-a-kind-custom-made gift, surprising someone with that thoughtful present... all sums up to joy.  This year I made several scarves and shawls as gifts, and even this little fun clown-rag doll.  I made a similar one 26 years ago for my son, but hadn't even thought about it again until just recently when I had some wonderfully soft bamboo yarn and wanted to make a gift for a friend's precious little daughter.  She is just a joy to know and you can't help smile when you see her so I wanted to return some of that joy to her with a little gift.  And when she opened it, her mom sent me a photo of her with it, and once again, that joy just overflowed!


One of the things that never ceases to take my breath away is a beautiful sunset.  On my daily commute to and from work, I tend to just get into the 'commute zone' where I almost mindlessly follow the same path/routine drive, unaware of anything other than watching the road and driving.  There are days, however, that I use that quiet drive time to just have a conversation with God, and praise Him, whether through song, words, prayer or simply appreciation of all that He has created.

God has an amazing palette with which to work.  Endless choices of colors and creates such breath-taking, mind-blowing artwork for us to appreciate.  And I don't mean just across the sky.

Take the time to look around you.  Not only at the world He created, but even in the mirror and at those who surround you.  Humans are the most complex yet simple yet amazing creations ever, beyond explanation science even though they try constantly to explain and demystify the human body, mind, and even soul.  Stop to appreciate, and praise God for all that He has created.

And enjoy the sunsets along the way too.

Be blessed!