Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Isn't this little guy cute? He is a penguin ornament handcrafted out of a gourd by an artisan group called Manos Amigas in Cuzco, Peru. And you can buy him to help these women gain their own economic security for themselves and their families. :) Fabulous Christmas gift, isn't it?
I love this website: ! It is the ultimate way to shop. Note that there are 8 tabs across the top. First, let me point out that you can just CLICK on the boxes at the top center of each page to help donate to each of the 8 charities every day (takes less than 2 minutes to help 8 of them! I know, I've timed it!). Then notice the LEFT navigation list. Its like a department store! EVERY PURCHASE you make also gives to charity, and often many are fair trade and support social groups and artists in addition to the charitable donation. Its like double or triple dipping!

Right now there are also some charities that give you free shipping if you make a donation (check out the GIFTS THAT GIVE MORE section on the left) AND you can also help feed seniors in need if you enter the code MEALS2 upon checkout! Is that AWESOME or what?? Free shipping, donate to charity, support groups in making a living for themselves, support fair trade, feed seniors in need, and get your shopping done all in one stop and for the same if not lower price than if you went to the store!!???? AWESOME! Go now!!!

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How Cute!