Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy Spring!!!

Isn't is amazing to watch the world around us wake up in Spring?   I am always so excited to go out each day and find new things sprouting, blooming, exploding full of color.  There is a newness, a joy even, just to watching it!
As you can see, the azaleas have come alive in our front yard once again... I've watched the buds with anticipation now for almost a month, but the rain and sunshine of the last couple of days finally coaxed them into becoming these big beautiful snowballs and bursts of color.  Stunning!
My vegetable garden has all sorts of tiny seedlings popping up as well, and inside the house I have seeds started as well.  Now is the perfect time to share new little plants with others and share this joy with them, whether it be flower plants, houseplant starters, extra vegetable seedlings or starters.  Start a few and share a few!  Just think how much joy it could bring to others... all from a little seed!


Anonymous said...

Susan, what a lovely photo displaying excitement in FATHER's spring's living color! What relaxation comes with that photo! even optic relaxation, ahhhh.
Are you involved with any rolodex Scripture swaps? Have extras from older swaps? Two house fires in this community over winter have given me cause to make Scripture rolodex cards and some address- able cards for an ancient of monster fourteen inches high rolodex landed from a thrift store. Some businessman kept it in good condition. I'm trusting that the girls in the fam will googleie eye the idea of colonial retro and twirling addresses among the rebuilding of memories and address/phone number/birthday info.
Thought a contact with you may help speed along the variety of rolodex cards to include in this gift of community love and assistance among one house fire family. The other family's wife was in cancer experiment treatment in the mid-west so had her address book with her. Her DH was tdy to a mine near Nye, MT, so had the essensials with him in his camper. Their children and an uncle are under stress making notes and accumulating winter clothing, bedding - you know the drill until the sun beats eighty degrees! Had to drop a line your way about the rolodex Scrip cards. Thanks for your considerations and info. mt23stamperatyahoodotcom will be away from the computer for several days unless the tower is repaired by indey children over the weekend. Keep Looking UP!

Teresa Kline said...

wow, these where gorgeous...thanks for sharing. I found your blog while on SCS looking for happenings in and around Virginia...hope you have a wonderful week!

enjoy *~*