Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I admit it:  I'm a pack rat.  I have a tendency to save everything.  Its that old adage of "Waste Not, Want Not," the recycler/crafter in me that just knows I'll find a use for those 200+ bottle caps and toilet paper rolls (and I often do!), and also I am a sentimental person.  Fortunately in my life I have moved several times and that forces me to clear out a lot of the overabundance of things like receipts, old warranty manuals for things that have long since broken and been disposed of, stacks of magazines already read but have articles I just know I'm going to one day want to read again and reference... and so on.  I have gotten a little bit better at it in that I at least try to go through each room a couple of times a year now and clear out items, recycling and taking loads to the donation locations, shredding items that are no longer needed, etc.  Its a slow change but it is happening. 

While putting out the holiday decorations this year, I set out the wicker "sleigh" we have where I like to gather the Christmas cards we receive each year.  Yesterday I noticed there are only 4 cards in it this year so far.  People just don't send cards like they used to.  I can recall years where I mailed out over 60 Christmas cards and received about that many back as well.  I personally enjoy crafting and making the cards so its a tradition to do that in our home now.  I think there is a wonderful blessing when someone walks to their mailbox and finds a personal card and/or letter in there to surprise them, instead of just junk mail and bills.  But I also know that in this day and age of technology, a tight economy, and a "paperless" environmental concious, that e-cards have their place as well.  And even in email now, its a blessing to receive a personalized note in an e-card rather than having your email account filled up with junk mail and e-statement notices.

So today's Good Deed challenge to you:  SEND AN E-CARD.  Here is a great site that has some and benefits charitable organizations as well to get you started:



Christina said...

So funny! I just put your Christmas card in it's envelope and sealed it up. Then thought I'd pop over here to see what's new with you. And it's a Christmas card discussion. Lol! xoxo

Traci S. said...

You are so right, Susan! I love to receive cards...any time of the year. I know it is no excuse, but when Josh told me he had enlisted, I just went into Zombie mode! I have really been making cards this weekend. I think I had 4 done before that...and so many ideas...but I have not written in or addressed one card! I will send an e-card...great idea...and I love the Rainforest Site...I click on it daily. Please know that you are cared about...even if you don't get a card from me this year!

I'll be in touch!

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