Monday, December 12, 2011


I was watching JCTV when Jason Crabb's video, "Someone Like Me," came on.
I've had the honor of meeting Jason in person and even chatting with him a little bit about two years ago when he did a benefit concert in Martinsburg, WV, and our music ministry Ash2Ash opened for him.  Jason is very down-to-earth, we really enjoyed talking with him and he is a very generous and caring person. 

I really like this song: The lyrics make you stop and think.  I pray that we may never become so calloused that we don't reach out to those in need and care for others.  May no one ever pass by our church feeling unwelcomed, and may no one ever leave it not feeling welcomed to come back. 

As Jason's song points out, will it be someone like me (or you) who reaches out?

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